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"the best leasing agent and property manager we have ever had!"

"Caine Otley is quite frankly the best property manager I have ever had"

"I am so relieved Caine has decided to start his own PM business"

"I would not hesitate in recommending Caine to others"

Angie - Property Investor NSW

Caine Otley is hands down the best leasing agent and property manager we have ever had!
We had our properties on the market for too long and true to Caine's word he had them both leased within weeks.

He has gone above and beyond and has been very creative when it comes to a tough market.

Thanks to you Caine we feel much more secure about having our properties not only leased but also looked after.

You're amazing! Thank you!

Jane - Local Business Owner and Property Investor

Caine Otley is, quite frankly, the best property manager I have ever had.

it was an absolute blessing for local property investors the day Caine moved to Port Hedland.

Caine genuinely cares about his clients, his tenants, and the properties under his care. Unlike many other property managers, he comes from a thorough business background, and his solid management experience is evident in his professional approach to handling properties which are under his management portfolio.

He has the goals and aims of both owners and tenants firmly in mind, and is constantly working to ensure that the best situation possible is reached for everybody concerned.

The Port Hedland and North-West WA market is a challenging one for any property manager, with unique issues and factors that managers in other parts of Australia would rarely need to handle: Caine does it all with absolute professionalism.

I have never had a single worry about any of my properties under Caines management, and I know that many other local investors who have had properties in his care feel the same. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Caine Otley to other investors.

Making the change to Caine Otley Real Estate for your properties management will be the best choice you make all year.

Kathy - Property Investor, NSW

I have to say hand on heart I am so relieved Caine has started his own property management business as I can now have the wait of the world off my shoulders knowing Caine will be looking after my 2 properties in South Hedland in these trying times we are faced with.


I have dealt with Caine previously a few years ago he managed my 2 properties in South Hedland and only have praise for his ability to communicate and look after our properties making it stress free.


This is very important knowing you can trust your property manager and leave it in their capable hands and any issues that arise are dealt with in timely manner with a solution in place. Perfect outcome all round.


I highly recommend to use Caine Otley’s Real Estate services  you will not be disappoint you will be pleasantly surprised by the level of service provided.

Tony M - Property Investor and CEO of Essential Beauty Franchise

I have known Caine Otley in his capacity as Real Estate Agent and have found that he is dedicated, hard-working and makes things happen.


He always answers his phone and does his very best to make sure he is looking after his clients.


I would not hesitate in recommending Caine to others whether you are thinking of buying or selling your home or renting your investment property.

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