Are you currently selling or looking at selling your property in the future? 


In the current market where there is low demand, it can be detrimental to the general market  if you throw your property into the currently over subscribed and sometimes expensive advertising channels to try and create a demand for your property. A high number of properties selling in any particular market will cause concern and a lack of confidence in the buyer public, please don’t add to this.


Our attitude to sales is different to your regular Real Estate Agency. We view sales as an extension of our property management service and therefore help investors look for a future proof investment property which has the best chance of performing well in line with the buyers requirements.


We look for the buyer as opposed to farming for sellers; As part of our "Buyers Agent" service we advise on and match the buyers requirements to a database of interested sellers. To be part of this database complete the form on this page.


Don’t affect the declining market further by advertising your property at prices which are simply unachievable.


For further information on our Buyers Agent service CLICK HERE

Add your details to our database of interested sellers:

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