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Property Management IS Our Business


The majority of mainstream real estate agents expend the majority of their efforts and resources chasing sales, leaving property management as a second rate service which is often underfunded and poorly staffed. Investment property owners are generally unhappy with the way residential property management is conducted, we aim to change this in Hedland.


Take a look at your current property managers newspaper advertising and see what percentage of the advert is taken up to promote its property management service. This is a likely indication of the percentage of importance placed on property management and the percentage split of the resources dedicated to it.


Caine Otley Real Estate aims to become the most respected Property Management Agency in Hedland by tenants and owners alike by offering a superior customer focused rental service that is centred around excellent communication with informed, honest and expert advice as well as utilising the latest cloud technology in order to be able to respond efficiently and in a timely manner to owner and tenant needs.


Please see a list of our service elements to gain an understanding of how we do things differently in order to offer a superior customer focused service.

Leasing Service



Lease Renewal

Rent Collections

Cloud Technology

Buyers Agent


Superior Leasing Service


A degree in Marketing and a lifetime background in customer service sets Caine Otley apart from other agencies when looking to lease your rental property.


Our superior leasing service gives you the best chance of securing a tenant and helps avoid prolonged vacancy periods, the following principles ensures results:


  • Property adverts are created with marketing and advertising principles in mind and professional looking photos ensures your property will have the best chance of attracting the attention of a potential tenant.


  • With over 4 years experience in advertising rental properties in the Port Hedland area, we can honestly account that 99% of all enquiries are generated theough We place all new adverts on as featured properties in order that your property will come out at the top of searches, giving maximum exposure in the most crucial stage of the adverts lifecycle.


  • Organising viewings as soon as possible and longer viewing hours to suit the tenant ensures the best chance of securing a tenant over the competition.


  • Weekly feedback and price adjustment ensures your property remains competitive at all times and regular refresh of the advertising ensures your advert does not get tired and lost amongst the competition.


  • We nurture great relationships with organisations who rent large numbers of properties in the town and individuals who have influence over peoples renting descisions.


Maintenance the way it should be done


We have a strict "fix now" maintenance policy to keep our owners in an uncompromised legal position and to ensure the happiness and longevity of tenants. 


There are minimum legal timeframes to organise property maintenance. Once we receive a maintenance request in writing we send out the work order immediately and will email you to let you know the problem and that the works have been organised. This also has a positive effect in the following ways;


  • Tenants are kept happy and happy tenants are more likely to take better care of your property.


  • If maintnenace requests are ignored or take a long time to repair, tenants may stop reporting problems altogether leaving a tired investment property and a large repair bill when the tenant vacates. Responding to requests as they are reported also means you can spread the cost of repairs.


  • Tenants are more accommodating to the needs of the owner e.g if you are selling or re-renting your property in the future, the tenant is more likely to allow access for viewings.


  • They are likely to stay longer at the property which means you avoid periods of vacancy and the high fees associated with finding a new tenant on a regular basis.


  • We nurture great relationships with the local tradespeople. If a maintenance problem is the fault of the tenant they are givin strict instructions to report this. The tenant will then be invoiced the cost.

  • We are also unique in the way that our property managers are trained in simple DIY techniques and also carry a tool box with them at all times in order to fix any simple problems which could otherwise carry call out fees of hundreds of dollars.


Inspections that meet the owners expectations


Routine Inspections are a bug bearer and a large source of inconvenience and dissatisfaction for tenants. Keeping tenants happy is a big key to retaining your existing tenants and alleviating expensive leasing fees in the future.


We offer a unique service to help alleviate this stress to tenants as follows:


  • If the routine inspection report shows the tenant is taking good care of the property, you will be given the option to reward them by organising the next inspection in 6 months time instead of quarterly.


  • This means that good tenants only receive a maximum of 2 inspections per year which is a big selling point for tenants when choosing a rental home.


This has a positive effect in the following ways:


  • Happy tenants due to less invasion of privacy, are more likely to take better care of your property and will be more amicable e.g. if you are re-renting or selling the house in the future, happy tenants are usually very amicable in arranging viewings where gaining access is difficult with tenants who are unhappy.


  • Happy owners due to cost savings involved; not just less inspection fees but by also retaining happy tenants for longer saves on fees associated with re-renting.


  • Happy property managers due to less demand on their time means better service for you. A good tenant / property manager relationship also makes for a more pleasant work life.

Lease Renewals

Lease Renewals


We understand that a tenant vacating a property can represent one of the most costly periods for an owner. As well as experiencing no rental income during the vacant period which can in some cases be an extended period, there will be regular costs such as garden maintenance and pool maintenance. Once a tenant is found further fees will also apply including leasing fee and property condition report fee.


With this in mind we work in the owners best interest to do everything possible to convince a tenant to stay (provided you are happy for them to stay). If a tenant does not fall into the following categories, the tenancy may be salvageable by rent negotiation:


  • The tenant is leaving town


  • The tenant requires a larger property


  • The tenant is moving due to neighbourly disputes


With supply far outweighing demand causing rents to reduce, tenants will start to shop around long before their lease renewal date. For this reason we start the negotiation process 3 months prior to the lease end date.


Whether the tenant chooses to stay is also very much influenced by the tenants experience at the property. If the tenant has been treated well and have been happy during their time there, they are far more likely to remain lomger.


See our Happy Tenants page for more information on how we help this process. CLICK HERE


Rent Collections

Rent Collection


We pride ourselves in a zero tollerence policy to late rental payments. With that said we are also proactive in working with tenants to help tham make their rental payments on time.


  • In the initial stages we will take it upon ourselves to understand the reason rent is paid late and  organise with the tenant how we can make sure rent is paid on time for the remainder of the lease.

  • We have implemented systems that send out automatic arrears notices saving many hours per week in manual chasing of rent arrears, giving us more time to proactively manage your property.


Cloud Technology systems for more efficient service


Caine Otley Real Estate has chosen complete cloud based technology and systems in order to run our business which allows for improved efficiency and response times meaning an all round better service for you.


  • Access to our systems from anywhere with an internet connection including smart phones. There are numerous advantages to this e,g. property manager does not need to wait until they return to the office to send out a work order or respond to emergencies requests.


The systems we have adopted also makes our service more efficient in the following ways:


  • Automatic arrears notices

Buyers Agent

Buyers Agent


To complement our core property management service, we are pleased to offer the only buyers agent service in Port Hedland.


With nearly four years experience as an award winning property manager and senior property manager in Port Hedland and very well respected amongst owners, developers and valuers alike. When purchasing a property you will receive an honest, knowledgeable and unbiased understanding of Port Hedlands market conditions and advice on the best type of property and in what area to realise a great ongoing investment for the future.


Your traditional Sales Agent solely works for the buyer and are generally commission focused so will not always provide the well rounded advice that is required when purchasing an investment property, their priority is to sell the property for their client. Sales agents are also usually removed from the property management department so aren’t always best placed to advise on what makes a good investment property.


Caine Otley Real Estate can provide the advice you need, carry out inspections on your behalf and negotiate the sale on your behalf. The savings you make in regards to the negotiation will generally out-weigh our fees.


This service then fits seamlessly into our expert management of your property.


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