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New Dedicated Property Management Agency To Open in Hedland

Caine Otley aims to change the poor perception of property management in Port Hedland and South Hedland with a dedicated Property Management service that will incorporate high level customer service principals and a unique service offering designed to excede owner and tenant expectations.

Many real estate agents spend the majority of their resources on chasing the next sale. Property Management is often overlooked and under-resourced leaving owners and tenants frustrated with the poor levels of service received.

Caine Otley aims to change this perception of Property Management in Port Hedland, South Hedland and surrounding areas with a unique service offering.

The service has been carefully designed following extensive research into the customers needs and includes the following elements which makes Caine Otley Real Estate stand out from the rest:

Our superior leasing service includes extended viewing hours including weekends and evenings to suit the tenant, not the Property Manager. Advertisements are created by a marketing professional and regular feedback on viewings and price are given to give you the best chance of getting your property rented.

We have a zero tolerance to rental arrears. We also provide extra payment options such as online payments and credit card payments to make rent collection an easier process and supports our goal of 0% arrears..

Credit card payments also provides the opportunity for tenants to collect virgin and qantas points using a nominated card giving tenants a big incentive for renting a home through us.

Further incentives include: Tenant discount schemes, reward schemes for tenants who take good care of their home and pay their rent on time. Good tenants are also rewarded with less frequency of inspections.

We have implemented these incentives in order to add value to our existing high level of service in order to further encourage the following outcomes;

  • Added incentives can encourage tenants to choose Caine Otley Real Estate when requiring a rental property giving you more chance of securing a tenant for your property.

  • By keeping tenants happy they are far more likely to remain at the property for longer saving the owner money in costs associated with frequently looking for new tenants

  • Encourage tenants to take good care of the property.

We also have a policy of organising maintenance items as and when they are reported This legally protects the owner, keeps the property in a good condition and further encourages tenants to remain longer in the property and take better care of their home.

For further information please check out our web site at

We are also taking expressions of interest for any property owners who require a fresh property manager. Please contact us at with details of your property(s).

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